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Donna Kang 
Graphic Designer
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Ring Doorbell Packaging 
Year : 2021
Packaging, Branding
The new packaging design for Ring beautifully blends the past with a modern touch. It has a sleek and simple look that draws people in. The iconic deep blue color is still there, but now it transitions into a captivating gradient blue, giving the brand a more commanding presence.

They've also added a secondary logo that features a ring-shaped symbol, which pays homage to Ring's origins. When you open the box, you can see the product right away through the front door, which features the Ring logo. This redesign strikes a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, giving a fresh perspective to the brand's story.

Year: 2018
Brand Identity, Packaging,
Art Direction, 3D Design

Collaborated with
photographer Daniel Roman

The project involved imagining a hypothetical line of cosmetics for Big Bud Press, a fast-growing Los Angeles brand known for its inclusive and affordable products that cater to people of all genders and sizes. Their main belief is that there should be a wide range of size and color options, and products should be made ethically.

The idea behind the makeup line was to make it a fun and creative part of your daily routine, like children's crayon drawings. That's why it named it 'Sandbox,' which brings to mind memories of a playground for kids. The makeup's look was inspired by the colorful building block games that children play with. The goal was to create bold and imaginative makeup essentials that would make a playful connection with the users. We wanted to tap into the universal love for exciting colors and rainbow effects. SANDBOX became a way to explore your preferences, your favorite colors. This project involved defining the brand's identity, designing the packaging and products, directing the artistic aspects, and creating content for social media.

Year: 2020 

Branding, Advertising, Digital,
Website Design, Social Content,
Print, Packaging

The 'Kana Room' project involves rebranding the 'Book and Bed' hostel in Tokyo. 'Kana Room' is a conceptually designed bookstore referred to as a "tomareru honya" or "the bookstore you can sleep in." This innovative space revolves around the idea of combining leisurely reading with quality rest. Through the expansion of 'Book and Bed' to Los Angeles, this rebranding initiative serves as a platform to introduce Southern California's travel enthusiasts to Japanese culture.

Situated in the heart of Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, a neighborhood renowned for its cultural diversity, this hotel embraces a book-themed ambiance featuring an extensive collection of books centered around Japan. Drawing inspiration from the refined and minimalistic Japanese lifestyle, the hotel boasts an elegant and understated design. Operating under the brand name 'Kana Room,' this establishment provides a haven for local communities seeking respite from the bustling and fast-paced urban environment. The logo design takes cues from the arrangement of books on a shelf, cleverly forming the shape of KANA letters. This visual identity permeates various aspects such as promotional posters, collateral materials, web presence, social media content, environmental aesthetics, and packaging solutions.

In-Room Essentials

Note Books


Bottle Opener and Coasters 

Coffee Packaging

Restaurant Menu

Kana Rook Book

The lookbook includes an introduction to the Kana Room, details about bars and cafes, as well as a list of new books to explore.

Post Cards

Designed postcards that take inspiration from the logo shape, featuring book stacks reminiscent of libraries, with squares serving as containers for information.

Bathroom Essential