Donna Kang
Graphic Designer

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Donna Kang 
Graphic Designer
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Year : 2019

Branding, Font Design
Advertising, Print
The Pacific Aquarium is the fourth most-visited aquarium in the country and has a strong attendance record, with over 100 exhibits displaying the diverse marine life of the Pacific Ocean, including about 12,000 creatures. Each year, it welcomes over 1.7 million visitors, becoming a place where different cultures and artistic expressions come together.

The font design is inspired by water droplets and cleverly combines two circles to create a natural and flowing shape. This shape, resembling a droplet or a meatball, serves as a visual element to create a sense of community and closeness between visitors and the marine life in the Aquarium. Each circle represents the various creatures while also symbolizing the Aquarium's role in connecting with the broader community. The main goal of this rebranding project is to strengthen the connection and interaction between people and the ocean world. This comprehensive project includes work on brand identity, designing a custom font, creating brochures, and making engaging promotional posters.