Donna Kang
Graphic Designer

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Donna Kang 
Graphic Designer
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Hi ! I’m a Los Angeles based designer working across branding, packaging, print and visual interaction design. ︎

From a young age, I've always had a knack for design. I remember when I was seven, I got a watch, but I wasn't thrilled with its look. So, I grabbed a pen and tweaked the logo until it felt more like my own. That moment ignited a passion for redesigning things and making them better.

Fast forward to today, and I'm still deeply immersed in the world of design. Every day, I dive into projects, eager to reshape everything from environments to tools to interactions. My mind constantly churns with new ideas, and I approach my work with empathy, understanding how design can impact people's lives.

My goal isn't just to make things look pretty; it's to inspire. I believe in the power of transformation, taking everyday objects and experiences and infusing them with meaning and creativity. Through my designs, I hope to leave a lasting impression and spark that same passion for innovation in others.

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