Donna Kang
Graphic Designer

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Donna Kang 
Graphic Designer
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Hi ! I’m a Los Angeles based designer working across branding, packaging, print and visual interaction design. ︎

From a young age, I displayed a natural affinity for design, constantly sketching and reimagining. An early memory involves receiving a watch at age 7; dissatisfied with its design, I modified the logo with a pen. This marked the beginning of my lifelong passion to redesign and enhance the world around me.

Today, I immerse myself in design daily, actively seeking opportunities to reshape environments, tools, and interactions. My innate ability to generate novel ideas, combined with my empathetic nature, has shaped me into a graphic designer who crafts impactful and memorable projects.

Through my work, I aim not only to create visually appealing designs but also to inspire others. I believe in the potential for transformation in everyday objects and experiences, infusing them with uniqueness and significance.

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